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French Pawg Rosee Divine the Comming New Big Booty star 2012

samedi 19 novembre 2011 Publié par DEXTER MORGAN

People in France , unlike Murekans and middle-easterns , don’t have these Big booty and P.A.W.G Appreciation culture  .. their Libido don’t work when they see women with big booties walking down street shaking their massive Phat butt .. their libido come in action just when they see a slim skinny tight ass on tall women .. i think these behavior come from the media influence , since France was always the home of fashion  witch is based on skinny models .. BUT  , i have seen in the last years a small movements from some french bloggers who want to introduce this culture to francophone peolple .. and i like this ..

So before yesterday  i was browsing some francophone websites based on Africa like AfricaTube and Eastafricantube .. when suddenly  i found pics of this  French Pawg Queen Named Rosée Divine a Real Original Europian Big booty star ..

Rosee divine photos pawg Big booty pics3 French Pawg Rosee divine Europian Big whooty all stars

French  PAWG whooty Rosee Divine : 2011 Big booty ALLSTARS

Yes she is from France, and she already made her photo-shoot set in USA , i’ll write a post about this photoshoot in my Blog MY2-I very soon ..

Rosee divine French big booty Model matrix-cuts-promo

i wish you will appreciate this Frenchy Hot chick ..


Big booty Roséé Divine iphone camera shoots



These pictures were token years ago at the beginning of her career but still awesome shoots ..

french pawg rosee devine wearing suplex pictures   This french pawg is damn hot in this tight Suplex

Rosee Divine big booty wearing  tight Short pictures


French big booty model rosée divine pawg star pics I love this kind of aristocratic europian face .. don’t you ?


these shoots are soo fresh so profits

Big Booty pics rosee divine photo shoot pawg 600X600

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